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  1. 1984

    S.Khonkaen was established in 1984

    S.Khonkaen was established in 1984 as a distribution company marketing the Thai nativefood produced in Khonkaen, a province located in the North-Eastern region, where the company’s founder: Charoen Rujirasopon intended to imply the place of origin of the products by integrating the name of the province as part of the company’s name.

  2. 1994

    S.Khonkaen became to public company

    Only 8 years after the establishment, the company had operated so successfully that the board decided to list the company in the stock exchange ofThailand on 27 April, 1992 inviting public invest in the company to share its growth. S.Khonnkaen became the first Thainative food company to be listed as public company.

  3. 1995

    Expand its business to pig farming

    In 1995, the management team decided to expand its business to pig farming in order in integrate the whole process of its core business.

  4. 2005

    From Traditional Thai products to meat snack

    To withstand the fading trend of native products, S. Khonkaen has shifted its products from being only souvenir to a popular daily consumed meat snack under brand ‘ENTRÉE,’ which can be found easily at convenient store or modern trade in Thailand.

  5. 2007

    Expand production to worldwide market

    Because meat products from hoof animal from Thailand can be exported only to few countries due to the Government policy,In 2007, S. Khonkaen has settled its production base in Poland to serve the demand of Asian meat products in European as well as Scandinavian countries.

  6. 2009

    Ready to eat food

    S. Khonkaen Foods Public Company Limited in a country’s leading manufacturer of traditional Thai food as well as oriental foods, such as Naem(fermented sausage), Vietnamese sausage and E-sarn sausage (North-Eastern style sausage), etc.

  7. 2010

    From manufacturer to restaurant entrepreneur

    In 2010, S. Khonkaen has started new business “quick service restaurants” to expand market channels and increase capability and profitability for the company. In addition, 2009-2010 we have restructured subsidiaries and downsized to focus on core business and clarify business structures of subsidiaries. Finally, we have changed company name into ‘S. Khonkaen Foods Public Company Limited’



The Company is ambitious to be a leader in Thai foods on the world market, who impresses its stakeholders sustainably through excellent standards and processes of work.



S. Khonkaen Food Public Company Limited has built its reputation on the commitment to “Quality and Delicious” which is the principal statement of Mr. Charoen Rujirasopon, the founder of the company, and this remains unchanged. We take pride in working together and intent on providing the best quality and greatest tasty food to delight customers all over the world. Besides, the company is aiming to ...



S. Khonkaen Foods Public Company Limited implements business policies with the objective of expanding its market so that worldwide groups of customer are covered, freshness, cleanliness, and nutritional value under state-of-the-art and hygienic processes of production, mainly taking into account the highest satisfaction of consumers. Also, it emphasizes on sustainable development of business, atta ...

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