Because we want you to grow together

We aim for success, business growth and advancement. Therefore, we want you to be a part of our achievement. S. Khonkaen believes that employees are the most important factor in driving corporate sustainability.

We are looking for potential candidate like you to create SOR’s future together.

Welcome to the organization of the happiness

 ‘Good quality products occur from happy crew
   Consuming delicious foods makes us happyWe believe that foods are not only to make us full but also to be a medium to communicate feelings during mealtime with family or lovers.
   From the idea of S.KhonKaen saying If we can produce good quality products under the reasonable price, the whole world will benefit, we determine to produce good quality products which can be accessed by everyone.
   Be a part of our pride to push and deliver the local happiness throughout the world with us.

5 principles of S.Khonkaen

1. Strengthen good people (Good teams lead to good products)
   We believe that to become a decent brand, S.Khonkaen must first produce decent products
And to produce decent products, we need decent employees. Therefore, we keep seeking members who possess a decent attitude and be ready to do good things to others. Our organization has a policy to develop skills relating to responsible tasks by constantly performing workshops.This is to prepare S.KhonKaens employees with creative ideas and skills to deliver the best products to consumers.

2. Operation Excellence (Develop result with advanced technologies)
   Improving capabilities of employees is our priorityNevertheless, the development of technologies cannot be overlookedWe adopt advanced technologies to control our production process with high standard, to create an organized, clean and convenient working environment (like storing information using cloud solution systemand to support the emerging of new IT Platforms for more safety, more rapidly and more reliableThis makes us ready for the competition of global market

3. Enhance individual Customer Experience (Customer experiences are what we proud of)
   S.Khonkaen has been the leading processed food products manufacturer for more than 35 yearsEven so, we never attach to the former success.  We constantly conduct researches, develop new products and launch them into marketsThis is to respond to all types of customer needs for every generationFor us, customer experience is extremely crucialThats why we always acquire a part of our customers’ heartYou can always be proud to work with the leading and well known organization that stands beside Thai for decades

4. Move closest to our consumers (Continuously generate ideas to get closer to the consumers)
   The previous definition of the brand S.Khonkaen is A leader of the local Thai food group  But our goal is beyond thatWe aim to be a leader of the bigger food industry including local food, refreshment, readytoeat, souvenir and restaurants in order to get closer to customers. By working with us, you will get to develop yourself constantly, challenging your limitation and be ready to establish new products for the global market.

5. Sustain profit growth (Grow sustainably together)
   We believe that good products are the outcome of the work from happy employees. An important key to make our employees happy is to ensure them with their sustainable career paths and the sustainability of the organizationTherefore, S.Khonkaen always has a plan to move toward becoming the leading organization by developing brands and distributing products to various markets such as department stores, local shops, restaurants, local markets and tourist marketsThis is why we are so confident that we can sustainably grow our business profit.