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ส. ขอนแก่น มอบถ้วยฟุตบอลหญิง
S. KhonKaen awarded the female football trophy cup
On February 2018, Mr.Jarunpoj Rujirasopon, the president of marketing and sales operation of S. KhonKaen Public Limited Company, awarded the trophy to Kasetsart University team, the winner of Female f...
หมูยอสูตรโบราณเห็ดหอม ถูกปากคนไทย
Pressed pork with an ancient Shitake recipe, Thais’ favorite choice
S. KhonKaen Public Limited Company introduced the product “Press pork with an ancient Shitake recipe”. 100% premium pork is selected and mixed with roughly mashed ingredients for a tasteful bite. It...
การประชุมสามัญผู้ถือหุ้นประจำปี 2561
The annual shareholder meeting of 2018
SORKON is aiming to build trust among shareholders. Mr.Somchai Sakulsurarat (the 5th person from the left) chairman and independent director and Mr. Charoen Rujirasopon (the middle person) CEO togethe...
มหกรรมงาน THAIFEX-World Of Food Asia 2018
THAIFEX-World Of Food Asia 2018
SORKON launches “Everyone Deserves the Best” campaign, confirms leadership in local food market, overhauls production, improves packaging to achieve product excellence
Investor meetup
S. KhonKaen Public Limited Company built trust among investors. Mr. Charoen Rujirasopon (the 2nd person from the right) CEO, Mr. Jaraspon Rujirasopon ...
ส.ขอนแก่นฟู้ดส์ รับรางวัลแบรนด์โดดเด่นประจำปี 2018
SORKON received The Outstanding Brands 2018(Thailand) Award
SORKON, has been one of Outstanding Brands 2018(Thailand) in 2018 ASIA CEO SUMMIT & AWARD CEREMONY competition. The company has been accepted as a Thai brand with great reputation in Asia, based on our strong management of business performance.