S. Khonkaen Co-Branding with ChouNan offering the 3 special menus.

As part of S. Khonkaen’s this year policy, to enter to young generation, the company announced a collaboration with The Original Farm Co, the operator of ChouNan Japanese restaurant, to supply some popular S. Khonkaen processed meat products, Authentic Vietnamese Sausage and Fermented Sausage for ChouNan’s from July 15 through August this year. Mr. Jaraspon said ChouNan was chosen because the Japanese restaurant is well recognized among new generation customers. “With the collaboration with ChouNan, our Isan-style processed food will get a greater opportunity to reach new generation customers,” Mr. Jaraspon said. It could be a challenge to use Thai food as an ingredient in Japanese dished. “But we hope this will create new eating experience for our customers,” said Kulawatchara, chief executive of The Original Farm.